Which odds do you suggest for a place?

INVICTUS odds can vary from a minimum of 2/5 up to 9/1.

Can I bet on your web site?

We are not bookmaker, so you cannot bet using our web site. INVICTUS merely informs you on what to bet on your favourite bookmaker. 

How does INVICTUS work?

INVICTUS is an algorithm which generates bets for you analyzing the activities of more than 60.000 expert tipsters from all over the world by selecting the best places

Does INVICTUS detect bets exclusively on football?

INVICTUS detects bets not only on football events but it also on the major sport Championships (Football, Basket, Tennis, F1, MotoGP)

I want to disable the automatic renewal

If you want to disable the automatic renewal, you must log in Paypal and follow the steps below:

1.Login your personal Dashboard

2. Click on your name and select "Account"of the menù in the top right corner of your personal Dashboard

3. Select "Subscripion"

4. Click on the button "Disable subscription"

Are INVICTUS advices single or multiple bets?

The bets vary according to the tool you use. They are single in Bet Stream and can be multiple in Bet Generator, if you ask our algorithm to detect them for you.

How can I see the bets?

Login your Dashboard, launch our algorithm and check Bet Stream to see what are betting the best tipsters all around the world in real time.

Which kind of payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept:

- Credit card (VISA or MasterCard only)

- Debit cards of the major credit card provider

- PayPal

- PayPal credit

- Skrill

- Bank Transfer

Please make sure that your payment method accepts recurring billing.

We don’t accept the following payment methods:

- Prepaid or Gift cards

- Cheques

- Any other payment methods not mentioned above

If you are facing problems during payment please send us an email to emma@invictus.bet

How can I be notified when a new bet will be ready?

You will be not notified. To verify the advice, please use the mandatory login on the website and verify that our mails do not end up in "spam" folder to receive any kind of communication from INVICTUS's team. We reccomend to add no-reply@invictus.bet to your adress list.

Which is the difference between Bet List and Bet Generator?

Bet Generator is not included in our subscription plans. It calculates the results not only of the current day like Bet List does, but also these of the following ones. The algorithm selects multiple options available on market that match with all your input parameters.

Is INVICTUS a services available for a charge?

INVICTUS is a subscription service that offers also a trial.

By choosing to become a VIP member, you can use all Bet Stream's advanced features accessing to all the bets selected by our algorithm, the most reliable too.

Instead becoming a PRIME member, in addition to unlock all the Bet Stream's features, you have unlimited access to Bet Generator which will detect for you all the bets according to your personal tastes.

By using INVICTUS trial, you have free limited access to Bet Stream and all low reliable bets detected by our algorithm.

How I decide what match I could bet from Bet Stream?

Our algorithm will detect all the bets generated by the best tipsters coming from all around the world.

The index of reliability will communicate you the match the mathematical chance of success of the selected options detected by our algorithm.

Index of top tipsters will classify tipsters in three different groups: gold, silver and bronze tipsters.

  • Bronze tipsters: win rate about 60%
  • Silver tipsters:  win rate about 70%
  • Gold tipsters: win rate about 80% 

A number, next to every icon, will tell you how many top tipsters of that category have bet the suggestion selected by our algorithm.