What is the monthly budget?

At the time of registration you shall insert the budget you want to play during the period of subscription. It will not be managed by INVICTUS but is a parameter useful to calculate the sum of a single bet. 

What does "10% of profit on my budget" mean?

 Every week INVICTUS will sen d you the advices about what to play including the sum calculated on your budget. During the month INVICTUS will grant you a profit of almost 10% of your monthly budget.  

(Es. If you insert a budget of €500.00, INVICTUS will grant you a win of almost €50.00)

What does "you will be refunded " mean?

Every month INVICTUS aims to grant you a profit of almost 10% of your budget. If you will not archive this goal at the end of the period of subscription, the next one INVICTUS will refund you with a month of advices for free.    

When can I be refunded?

Refund is valid only for users who have an active subscription. All users who take advantage of  free trials are excluded.

When will I receive the bets?

INVICTUS sends a bet once a week, usually on friday. The day can change according to Championship calendars. 

What odds do you get for a place?

INVICTUS odds can vary from a minimum of 2/5 up to 9/1.

Can I play a bet directly on your web site?

We are not bookmaker, so you cannot place a bet on your web site. INVICTUS merely informs you about a bet to play on your favourite bookmaker. 

How does INVICTUS work?

INVICTUS is an algorithm which generates bets for you analyzing the activities of more than 60.000 expert tipsters from all over the world and selecting the best places in order to grant you a profit about 10% of your budget.

Does INVICTUS generate bets exclusively on football?

INVICTUS generates bets not only on football events but also predicting the results of the major sport championships (Football, Basket, Tennis, F1, MotoGP)

I want to disable the automatic renewal

If you want to disable the automatic renewal, you must log in Paypal and follow the steps below:

1. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner

2. Click on the menù voice "Payments"  

3. Click on "Manage automatic payments"

4. Click ok Nextwin srl

5. Click on "remove" in the top right corner

Are INVICTUS advices single or multiple bets?

There is no hard rule on this. The bets vary according to the odds avaible on the market when the INVICTUS algorithm make the analysis. 

How are the bets communicated?

Bets are communicated through e-mail. It is important to verify that our mails do not end up in "spam" folder. We reccomend to add no-reply@invictus.bet to your adress list.

What's the difference between bet and extra bet?

The Extra bet is not included in your subscription plan. INVICTUS generates it only if the algorithm possess sufficient data to calculate a game from its database. You can buy an extra bet when is avaible on your dashboard.

What kind of payment methods are accepted?

We currently accept:

- Credit card (VISA or MasterCard only)
- Debit cards should function like credit cards and be associated with a major credit card provider

- PayPal lets you to securely link your bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards and is supported by millions of sites worldwide.

- PayPal credit

- Skrill lets you to securely link your bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards and is supported by millions of sites worldwide.

- Bank Transfer

Please make sure that your payment method accepts recurring billing 

We don’t accept the following payment methods:

- Prepaid or gift cards

- Cheques

- Any other payment methods not mentioned above

- If you are facing problems during payment please send us an email to info@invictus.bet